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A simple course management system

Built with Laravel and Livewire. This simple course management system will allow you to resell your video courses easily. Here are it's features.

Easy user management

See all your users. Give them courses. See all their questions and if needed you can even ban them.
All in one place.

Manage videos from Vimeo

Host your videos on vimeo and limit video access to your domain. Manage your videos easily and have all the features vimeo offers!

Manage courses

Every course has videos. Manage it's description, videos that it has and it's price. Do it efficiently!

Answer questions

Let your students ask questions below every video. Once answered the Q/A become visible to everyone. Save your time and involve your students.

Monetize your courses

Connect your favourite payment gateway and resell your courses. Choose your monetization model and contact us to connect it with the platform. Start earning from your knowledge!